#TheLaurenAndDawnShow The Olympic Series EP 1 – Launches ahead of Tokyo 2020


This was a podcast built on passion, drawing on amazing contacts, telling the story behind the story and most importantly to highlight the amazing talent we have in South Africa – same stayed and some left.

Our aim was to take the listener on a real journey of humble beginnings to the highest sporting achievement in the world. Each story is unique, inspiring and something you will not find on Wikipedia…

Lauren Terras is the founder and director of Terras Communications. She is an award winning through-the-line sports specialists – which basically means she works on the commercial side of sports – the brands, elite athletes, teams and tournaments.

She is a NLP Coach, helping athletes & teams with goal setting, team culture and building mental resilience. She also hosts daily rooms on Clubhouse with Springbok and 2007 Rugby World Cup winner, Gurthro Steenkamp.

Dawn Dunn is a radio personality with a MASSIVE love for rugby. So much so, she is labelled Rugga Mamma by most in the sports circles. Her passion for sports is endless and her goal is to increase the awareness of women’s sports and smaller codes in SA.

The Olympic Series will include 12 episodes covering current and former Olympians, elite sport professionals, the inside scoop, the challenges, the solutions and the path to Paris Olympics in 2024.

In this episode, you will hear more about the hosts, how they know each other, what sparked this podcast and some of the athletes on the bill together with some teasers gold nuggets caught while recording the series.

Please take a listen and leave us a review. We would LOVE to hear from you and welcome your suggestions for future guests and topics in the world of elite sports.

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